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Kusjuures, minu meelest on tegu päris ägeda aparaadiga, mille kohta, kui mõni üksik detail välja arvata, ütleks, et täitsa kena ning seda ilma jutumärkideta. Aga seda, et mu ilumeel rikkis on, pole muidugi ka mingi uudis, ning võib tõesti juhtuda, et selline värk mõnele vastu hakkab Big Grin

Kas neid kahe kaigulisi ümber ehitataud autosid, mitte traktoriteks ei hüüta! Noored võivad nendega lihtsustatud korras liikluses osaleda! Kiirus ei tohi vist ületada 40km/h.
Õhupuhastid ripuvad õhus....  Big Grin
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Welcome to this listing for a one-off, all steel modified Mercedes CLK V6 3.2. For 35 years I've designed and built hotrods, ratrods, trikes and bikes and with 40,000+ miles of driving them in 5 countries. This experience is in-built into this project. 

    The 1 owner from new base Mercedes is mounted into a custom built, extremely strong and very accurately made underframe mounted where the axles were originally. The axles are reused, keeping all the features on modern cars such as ABS, ESP and PAS. 
    Body work is from 0.9mm steel and is shaped using an English wheel, swagers, stretchers and shrinkers. There is no fibreglass. Everything has strengthening brackets. 
    Interior is full leather, MP3 player and the massive list of extras found in a CLK. Electric seats take up to 6'6" drivers comfortably.
     The body shape incorporates the "coca cola" side lines, front sun shade that matches the front bonnet lines. Note the extra long front wings so you can get a jack under even with a completely flat tyre. Rear has two eye shapes for the rear window (LED brake lights fitted in them). Tear drop rear arches are over sized so fit almost any tyre you like.
    All axles were stripped, checked and re-bushed if needed. Engine /autobox fluids/filters changed if needed, brakes were flushed and re-padded.
    Paperwork....sadly the pile of paperwork from the previous owner was lost in the post but the current V5 is in my name and is totally correct.  Under DVLA registration rules it scores 14/14 from the original vehicle (you only need 7).
   MOT 12 months from today. MOT tester said it was "the best engineered self built vehicle" he'd ever seen.
    So once you've driven a V8 Ratrod for 150 miles with misting up windows and driving rain, you and your 3 adult sized passengers might want a blasting heater, good headlights, ABS and a Mercedes standard engine doing 30+ mpg and boot space for everyone.
   If your going to message me asking "how fast does it go?", please go to a Ford dealership and buy their latest offering.
Sorry only one photo. Trying to add images rather than photos.
If you want more images or information message me please.
   Genuine offers welcome

Contact Me: 07961818044

KKK all the way...
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