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sorry I have to write in English, I do not speak Estonian !
I have a minsk m103 ( 1962 )which needs new gears, gear selectors, gear shaft, and kickstart shafts and levers, Can anyone help ? or tell me where I might get these parts.
If I have to buy the whole engine with the gear and kickstart levers that is also possible. Please help if you can !
many thanks.
Hello To all in Estonia,
81 views and no one knows where to buy parts for an old Minsk ???
You can do better than that !!!
Hello Mike,
First off, getting new gears for the 3-speed gearbox on Minsk M103 is rather difficult in these days. I dont know if they make any new gearbox gears for the 3-speed engine in Belarus, but time to time some NOS(New original parts) come up for sale in various places.

You might want to look at this portal:
There should be something there and sometimes also NOS parts come up for sale.
(09-02-2013, 12:59 PM)donaldjd Kirjutas: [ -> ]Hello,
sorry I have to write in English, I do not speak Estonian !
I have a minsk m103 ( 1962 )which needs new gears, gear selectors, gear shaft, and kickstart shafts and levers, Can anyone help ? or tell me where I might get these parts.
If I have to buy the whole engine with the gear and kickstart levers that is also possible. Please help if you can !
many thanks.

Hello, Miki!
Sorry, we are not too helpful people! And we don´t speak English too!
As You know, there are no these details in supermarkets any more. Some people may have these at home, may be I have too, I have some gears from somewhere...125 or 175 ccm or smth?? . But I don´t know what I have exactly and what You need. Do You need all gearbox-stuff? I suppose these details are the same in all 3-speed soviet 125 ccm engines - M1A, M1M, M103, K125, K55...?
I don´t know how to help You! But the answer is - You can get these parts from some man who has them.
It will be better to write about the gearbox - problem in Estonian or in Russian.
At 05.05.13 we have Tagadi Restauraatorite Päev, there You can get what You need. But it is better to buy complect engine with the gearbox.

The Kovrov factory´s 3-speed gearbox details
Goodmorning Maz, and Kass,
Many thanks for your replies, much appricated.
Firstly to Maz , Thanks for the website I will keep looking on there, its like Estonian EBAY ! do you have ebay in Estonia ?
Now to Kass, Yes I need a man who has these parts, maybe I will need to buy a compleat engine ! What is the Tagadi restauraatorite ? Thanks very much for the drawings of the gears and pictures of the shafts, gears ,and selectors etc. I need to find a workshop manual for the bike, I will keep a look on
You have BOTH served me well ! I knew that Estonian oldtimer bikers wouldnt let me down !!!
Again very many thanks.
Hello, Miki!
You are wellcome!
No ebay in Estonia. Tagadi restauraatorite päev - the day of oldtimers/parts market in Tagadi/Kurtna. (If You live nearby smwh).
Manual of M1M, the model before the M103, same engine.
But I am afraid it dosn´t help a lot. Sad
Hello Mike,
First, you are right is the Estonian version of Ebay. The construction of the site is similar to Ebay.
I dont know how if the sellers will send things outside of Estonia, but in the end it comes to the seller if he/she wants to or not.
If I had a spare engine I would sell it to you, but on the moment I dont have anything to offer.Sad
Tagadi restoraatorite päev: well its like the largest swapmeet in Estonia, takes place, two times a year. On the first week of may and october.
Hello Guys.
Thanks for the infomation, I will keep looking on for any suitable parts or compleate engine, If you here of one for sale please let me know,.
Unfortunatly I wont be able to get to the Auto jumble, as Its too far, I live in England !! so if theres ever anything here I can help you with just tell me.
Thanks for the Manual, your right it is not so good, maybe better if I could read Russian !!
Hello, Mike!
Sorry for Miki and sorry about England, I thought You live in EU! Toungue
So -from where did You get such an exclusive bike? Smile
If You say what details do You need exactly maybe we can find them for You. But not NOS parts.
Goodmorning Kass
I bought the bike here in England, in January, from a man , who bought the bike from another man whos wife is russian, But I do not know them!
It has not yet been registered for the road here in England, and befor I can do that it has to be safety tested by a registered garage for bikes, they will test >>> brakes , lights, suspension, fuel supply ( leeks) tyres , and lots of other stuff. It is this im working on now to get the bike in a condition so it will pass this test.
I Know I need the correct kickstart and gear change levers the ones on there now are not original and are not good the will not tighten on the shaft well.
I think I need new shafts as well and the return spring that "räme sõim" the gear lever back to nutral position, anything else im not yet sure until the engine is stripped down.
In many ways maybe better to buy a compleate engine as long as it has the levers with it.
So im looking on Osta and hydra at the moment and hope to find something.
Hello, Mike!
Do You know that the M103 in principle is the same bike as BSA Bantam?
And they based on DKW RT125.
What is this "räme sõim"? Big Grin Something from Google translate? Toungue
Yes. We British used to have gears on the right foot and break on the left, so with BSA bantem they reversed the drawings, and then made all measurments to English sizes, INCHES and fractions of an inch, we also had our own thread sizes, of which there were many, maybe 5 or 6. ! different types. this was to do with number of threads per inch, the pitch ( angel ) of the thread etc etc only in the last 45 or so years we started to use " M " threads.
Also Harley davidson coppied the DKW . Google harley hummer, Suzuki also made a copy and I hered last week the Italians did also !!!
The rain soim ???????? I dont know it translated when i submitted my post, It means anything ????
Yes, I know about the HD Hummer and others.
Räme sõim - word for word - raucous manger. Smile
Maybe Mike would be so kind and post some pictures of his motorcycle? It would help alot in determinating erra correct details on the bike!
Yes Maz, I would like to send some pictures for you all to see, I am not so good on the computer so maybe my daughter can do it, but shes away until sunday.
Today is nice day with some sun so I can take the pictures today and post them maybe Sunday.
So here are 2 pictures of monster minsk!!! These were taken on friday. Let me know what you think.SmileSmileSmile
Thanks for the photos!
Beautiful, glorious, miraculous! Cool Especially the green grass! Toungue
We have some snow here at the moment.
The bike needs some stripes, more stripes and Minsk - logos on the tank, the muffler/silencer is not exactly from M103 model too. (We are here some kind of "original - freaks".)
Some M103 pictures in this topic too
And at last - the big red tale-light, it is very funky! Smile
Hi Kass,
yes we still have green grass here in winter, it stops growing but it stays green unless we have a very cold winter, maybe once in 20 years !
I see what you mean about the muffler it is different to the original !
the big red light on the back is my work Big Grin I had to put on a break light for the English safety test and could not fit a double fillament bulb in the original light, so now I have 2 tail lights one in each and break light in the big one. you can just see the break light switch in the other picture, theres a little red wire showing, I must do better next time !!