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MissäPobedan valmistenumero? - Samb - 14-08-2005

En löydä sitä mistään.. Joku tietää?
Auto Pobeda M20 1954.

RE: MissäPobedan valmistenumero? - valdo - 14-08-2005

For 1st and 2nd series (until 1955) the number is found from the upper part of the torpedo near the upper part of the engine and the engine space light. For the 3rd series the number you found behind the driver\'s door.

Although be careful - in Soviet era the most of Pobedas are rebuilt, a lot of them by the \"remaking\" the number. It was typical for 1950-80s.
Only 20-30% of Pobedas has the non-rebuildable number..

RE: MissäPobedan valmistenumero? - Samb - 15-08-2005

Thanks a LOT for that information!