V8 Racebike tulekul!


1. Better power to weight - With a full fuel load at the beginning of the race the Drysdale 990-V8 will be only 13 kg heavier than the benchmark NSR 500 Honda. With a superior power to weight ratio and little more in frontal area - the 990-V8 will be faster in a straight line and should give away very little in the corners.

2. Better turn-in- The single heaviest component in any modern race motor is the crankshaft - the 990ccV8 crankshaft will weigh only 4.3 kg - significantly less than the complex pressed-up roller-bearing item used in the Honda NSR 500. This represents a major reduction in the rotating mass which reduces gyroscopic forces and allows the whole motorcycle to be much easier to tip into a corner or turn generally.

3. More Power- The engine revs and power stated above are quite conservative - with ongoing development it is not unreasonable to expect 22,000 rpm and 180kW (240 hp) from a short stroke 990cc V8.

ilus on lugeda küll. võtaks mütsi ka maha mehe ees, kes ajab tsikklist 360 km/h välja. Personaly I think this is dreamworld.:bounce

Mõni hull ikka saab hakkama, aga mootor on väga jõhker. Kindlasti moditakse veelgi jõhkramaks.

Varem oli siin foorumis üleval üks video, kus 330 (või oli ainult 300 Sad) lasti maanteel täis nii, et silm ka ei pilkunud Smile

EDIT: 240 Hj ja 22000 pööret= huvitav kui see mõnele kergele autole vahele installida?

Drag biked sõidavad ka ju väga kiiresti.

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