mototourism rally all over Lithuania. LET’S GO?

Ryterna modul Mototourism Rally – cultural and intellectual mototourism rally all over Lithuania.
This is a trip that requires your savvy and determination efforts. Because it's something not about speed, but about  planning and ability to communicate in a team.
This is a trip that gives you a unique experiences and acquaintances with local people and communities. They are waiting for you, they are happy to meet you and they open for you the doors, which are usually closed. These moments are worthless.
Anniversary “the centennial trip” – next time only in 100 years.
Start from any location in Lithuania. Any motocycle. Any road. In a single day. Every team discovers own route via any of 40 historical and heritage objects. The team that has planned and completed the most e[Pilt: HbCRLrD.jpg]njoyable trip, wins. Finish in the city center of Birstonas.

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