1976 MGB GT Rebuild

Hi / Hi

I'm a Brit living in Tallinn, trying to hide from Brexit!

Excuse the lack of Estonian!

I work on a few old cars but this project is about my own car.

1976 MGB GT Rubber bumper car.

It was sitting outside / unused for 9 years, quite a lot of parts missing but came with an engine and gearbox.

I've been working on her for a few months, Im trying to get her back on the road in time to do a road trip in the Summer.

pictures below of when I first got her
[Pilt: 50924994453_68e4bb8d84.jpg]

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Ive uploaded the pics onto Flickr, but it seems to post double images...a lot!
Joined Imgur instead
Test upload
[Pilt: DnoeeaO.jpg]

More pics!
Despite appearances, she has very little rust.
Sills and everything underneath is solid, all repaired years ago and still ok.
Only welding needed is on the sill ends in front of the rear wheels.
I have the repair panels.

Plan for the car?
Rebuilt without rubber bumpers, lowered. Bare metal body. Sebring look.
Fuel system: Rebuilt SH HIF carbs ready to fit.
Engine rebuild:  Block and crank are at Toukur now, when they bother to answer their phone I may find out if they are ready!
Front suspension: Now rebuilt, new bearings, bushes, dampers were good.
Rear-axle: Rebuild diff, new bearings, delete anti-roll bar, rear axle lowered.
Brakes: All new brakes all ready to be installed
Bodywork: Strip back to bare metal, bumpers removed, new metal rear valance to replace the bumper. 
Body to be left as polished bare metal, no plastic filler!!!, only the bonnet to be left black.

[Pilt: j7m5zxhl.jpg]
[Pilt: zVGr6Rql.jpg]
[Pilt: bTKYb1Kl.jpg]
[Pilt: 8C3SHpxl.jpg]
[Pilt: yNRTCYpl.jpg]
[Pilt: 4I1LIAyl.jpg]
[Pilt: uBDFPVfl.jpg]

Needed a rebuild!  Its never been rebuilt before, the bores and crank are original sizes.
Engine to be rebuilt with +20 thou pistons, new camshaft, followers, pushrods, chain, sprockets, bearings.
[Pilt: eaisqlTl.jpg]
[Pilt: oomk5l2l.jpg]
[Pilt: SE6VNAVl.jpg]
[Pilt: bC0LOSel.jpg]
[Pilt: DuhM8Oql.jpg]
[Pilt: bV2hKxSl.jpg]
[Pilt: YdLcjRsl.jpg]
[Pilt: Ghbv1LHl.jpg]


Thats an interesting choice. It will take some time, before similar one drives by in these corners.

A topic to keep eye on. Cool

Are You doing work Yourself?

Keep us updated.

Tere Smile
Yes Ive not seen any other MGB,s on the road here. But I know a few are here.
My mate has a white MG Midget which often drives around Tallinn, not in Winter!
Im doing all the work myself.
Ive been fixing up cars for a while, but this is the first project for a long time.
I have a deadline to get her done by the end of May!

(09-02-2021, 18:54 PM)markomate2017 Kirjutas:  ...
I have a deadline to get her done by the end of May!

And the year might be? Rolleyes 

Is there some special issues from childhood concerned that model? Or she just looked You with THAT look and then You fall?

Be aware, I have weird sense of humour.

I assume, there is plenty of spare parts available behind toll wall?

LOL Big Grin
Yes, a perfectly valid question about the year!!!
Really am trying for this year!
We are planning a road trip (covid allowing!)
Always liked MG,s I had a nice MG Midget but had to sell it 6 years ago. Ill post a pic if I can.
[Pilt: Q5yDciPl.jpg]
Parts are an issue, or at least used parts from eBay UK.
Until Jan this year, I was able to get eBay parts and ship them from the UK, now that route is closed!!!
There are very few used parts outside the UK but I think I have everything I need.
I got all the engine parts from Anglo Parts via Gripps Garage in Finland, prices were the same as the UK and the delivery was in 7 days!

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